Caring for Sterling Silver Jewelry


* Care of sterling silver jewelry is essential and simple. Periodic buffing with a polishing cloth is all that is needed to keep your sterling shiny.

* Proper care of Sterling Silver can insure endless beauty and enjoyment.

* Regularly wearing sterling silver produces a soft glow within the metal and will prevent tarnishing (tarnishing is a result of air oxidizing the metal).

1. Polishing cloths have a jewelers rouge within the white side of the cloth. It works very well with little effort.

2. Toothpaste may be used to polish and remove tarnish from sterling. Apply and rub lightly while rinsing under water (Paste only, no gels, no toothbrushes).

3. Jewelry may be cleaned with a little soap and warm water. Always rinse and dry your jewelry completely.

4. Sterling should always be kept in separate compartments to prevent scratching, denting, or tangling.

5. Store sterling in an airtight spaces if possible to prevent tarnishing. Always keep backstock in polybags to limit exposure to the air Use “oxidation arrest paper” strips for added protection.

6. Prevent exposing sterling to hairspray, cosmetics, and perfumes, for all of these can cause spotting. Alway put your jewelry on last when dressing to minimize its contact with chemicals.

7. For stubborn dirt or tarnish, a cleaner labeled for sterling silver use is recommended.

8. Remember sterling silver is a precious metal. Care for it properly and it can last forever.